Halle Berry Confirms Storm And Wolverine Were Lovers In The ‘X-Men’ Films

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Wolverine has lived a very long life, which would really help explain why he’s had so many relationships in the past century or so. And with joining the X-Men which, ironically, is filled with women , you’re bound to spark a relationship with someone. He’s also been forced to slay her more than once, as Jean Grey has a habit of resurrecting as an all-powerful cosmic being. Another X-Men member Wolverine knocked boots with his Storm. Wolverine and Storm also had a flirty relationship, but after Storm got divorced from Black Panther, they took their relationship to the next level.

The whole Cyclops Jean Grey Wolverine love triangle needs to stop, I preferred it when it was Cyclops with Emma Frost, Wolverine with Storm, and Jean Grey in.

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Logan: Wolverine’s Tragic Love Life

Xavier’s school for gifted mutants has served as a sort of hook-up hotel for the X-Men throughout the years. Most team members have found themselves dating each other at some point and they bounce between partners like a hot pinball between the bumpers. It can be hard to keep track of who is dating who and some matches work better than others. Storm and Wolverine getting together surprised many readers.

In the most recent Wolverine series leading up to his death, he and Storm were together. Storm is a woman who doesn’t need to be defined by a.

This is a woman that has been around the world and even a pretty fair amount of the galaxy yet she remains perhaps the most emotionally grounded X-Man. She has done everything from pickpocket to queen. She is kind of the best. However, our friend is not always lucky in love. Although she has been romantically involved with Wolverine, married Black Panther, and almost got married once before to another X-Men teammate named Forge, Storm ends up back on Tinder more than she deserves to.

Truly, people do fear an independent woman. Not only is there all the average subtext of pretty much all female friendships as written by Chris Claremont, but more importantly, spending time with Yukio is why Storm initially went punk, donning the now classic black leather vest and mohawk combo that remains one of her most iconic looks many years later. For Storm, none of those personality traits are complete dealbreakers. Acknowledging Yukio as a true soulmate but knowing that she will only ever led her astray, Storm always returns to the X-Men in the end.

Storm and Forge had a pretty bumpy start to their relationship, considering that he accidentally hit her with a ray that briefly depowered her and she more or less threatened to kill him for it. Like so many comic book love affairs, though, this was not meant to last. Then he dated Mystique.

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 24

Fans may also remember they have been paired together in many alternate dimensions and produced offspring such as Torrent. When series writer was asked about the romance aspect of Wolverine and the X-men he said. Lowe then told us to expect ramifications for Storm and her fellow teachers in June This is a huge story that has a big ramifications for Wolverine,.

I love Storm and Wolverine pairings and I know there’s a large following out Ororo’s finally divorced, dating Logan, & Emma’s giving advice on how to get a.

Storm Fan Fics. This is a fan fic page for Storm of the X-Men. She has a special place in my heart,’Cus she is my longest running obsession. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 What if Storm had a long lost sister? Alternate Reality fic. Storm and Gambit have a bet! Nina Life Dance Logan and Ororo meet out doors.

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Allow me to bring you a handful of mistreatment of our African character, Ororo Munroe. Not much to discuss, since nothing is that important to discuss. Especially when it comes to Storm. Marvel lately is giving Storm an incredibly poorly depicted role whereas Jean seems to be the bad-ass of this new era. Jean now is the Marvel Girl of Marvel ever since her return.

Wolverine and the X-Men is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. some downtime, Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake go on a date and Storm argues.

During an interview and when pressed for hidden backstory details about the character, Berry recently revealed that she and Wolverine Hugh Jackman were lovers and had a significant romantic history. Wolverine Logan has had his healing heart broken a number of times, most notably with Jean Grey. Berry quickly responded with the following;. Storm and Logan had a thing I joke in the movies, I’m like, How come nobody’s loving on Storm.

Like what’s wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm..

Review: Wolverine and the X-Men #24

When one thinks of Wolverine, one automatically thinks of violence, mystery, savagery, and… romance? When Logan first laid eyes on this red-haired mutant, he instantly fell claws over heels. As Wolverine and Jean Grey grew closer, passion turned to admiration and Wolverine fell in deep love with his comrade-in-arms. As we said, Wolverine has buried many lovers, but poor Jean was buried more than once.

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Jean Grey : Girls flirt with the dangerous guy, they don’t bring him home; they marry the good guy. Wolverine : I can be the good guy. Jean Grey : Logan, the good guy sticks around. Jean Grey : Go! I’ll handle him! Magneto : His name is Colonel William Stryker, and he invaded your mansion for one purpose: he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own. Jean Grey : But that doesn’t make any sense.

Wolverine’s Long List of Lovers

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Is it weird that Wolverine met his One True Love Jean Grey when she was a high schooler?

A common trait that binds these women is that they die tragically for being close to him. Some have survived, but their relationship with Logan has never been the same after. Silver Fox was a mutant who Wolverine loved in the early s, until she was killed by Sabretooth. He loved a Japanese woman called Itsu in the s and had a son with her called Daken. He also has an on and off relationship with a former assassin called Yukio who is the guardian of his adoptive daughter, Amiko.

Each woman represents a different facet of his personality and responded to him in different ways. Wolverine met Mariko in Japan and fell in love with her over the course of several adventures. They became engaged and he was eventually forced to mercy kill her after she was poisoned. She represents a past love that Wolverine will always remember. Although there was chemistry between them, Jean remained faithful to Cyclops.

Logan has spent years pining for her, even after she died, but I would never describe her as his true love. Logan and Storm have shared a deep bond for years.

20 Years Of ‘X-Men’: Here Are Some Craziest Facts About Stunning Mutants

All comics for sale are bagged and boarded. The above picture does not always represent the actual comic for sale. Images may be used from stock photos or previous scans. Gobias Comics does combine multiple purchases into one shipment at a combined and reduced price.

That awkwardness cleared right up when Storm just straight up left Wolverine and started dating Beast again. There are so many bummers in the.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The RoLo Archive. Focus: Comics X-Men, Since: Here you’ll find a collection of OroroLogan hence RoLo stories, whether they are romance or simply just friendship stories. I love Storm and Wolverine pairings and I know there’s a large following out there, so I decided it was time to put them in one place. Please feel free to contact me if you think I may have missed one! Ororo thinks it’s rubbish but she just might be desperate enough to try it.

Meanwhile Logan finds poker with his buds is just the right game to get back at the Panther. Too long.

X-Men: Wolverine/Storm // Complicated